About Us

Hello and welcome to Desirefy!

We are located in Even Shmuel, Israel, but our products will be shipped from the United States.


Just a short story about us and from where we got the idea to sell a message card with a necklace


Desirefy owner : 

"Our business was created from my personal story which happened three Years ago when my mom had a birthday, I really thought about which gift to give her, I didn't want to give her something boring or just random jewelry or necklace, so I thought deeply on what could be a unique and extraordinary gift, and then I got an idea to give her a necklace with a message card to play on the strings of her heart.

Yes you guessed it right she got cried and hugged me very hard, so this is why and how I came up with the idea to sell a message card with jewelry (in our case with a necklace), And since then we have added options to personalize the card for mom, daughter and wife etc…"


We hope you enjoy from your shopping experience with us.


Please contact if you have any questions:

Email- support@desirefy.store 

Phone number- +1 309 228 4860 

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